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Formed in 1979 by Ottawa-born Ron Chenier,  singer/ guitarist, recruited players and began honing their chops doing small clubs in and around the Toronto area. The band quickly graduated to the 'B circuit', touring the eastern-Canadian/ US areas for the next year and a half.
    The group took their approach to music into the studios and cut their independently released ROUND ONE in the spring of 1979. The band's sound was dominated by guitars and keyboards with no in studio tampering. Produced by the Chenier’s brother Norman ( Jack ) and was recorded on a shoestring budget. Songs "Too Late", "Madness" and "Who Did You Love" showed the band's penchant for writing driving, simple, yet complex songs.
  Fist returned to the road and toured practically every corner of the eastern half of the continent for the next year. The band was signed to a world wide deal with A & M in the summer of 1980 and quickly returned to the studio. They emerged from Toronto's Amber Studios that fall and released HOT SPIKES. The band hired George Semkiw to engineer and produce. The only difference between HOT SPIKES and its predecessor was the new album caressed them gently. Backed by songs like the anthemic "Reality" and lead off track "Money", a song about the hustle and bustle of society's drive for materialism, HOT SPIKES showed a maturity, harnessed by Semkiw's  experience. Other notable cuts included "Lord I Miss You" and "Teenage Love Affair" “Never Come Back” “Alimony”, intended to garner the band radio play. The tours continued, with FIST seeing practically every province and state over the next year.
The band regrouped, and with a new release, FLEET STREET in '81. "Double Or Nothing" again showcased Chenier's talent for writing slick, guitar riffs, while "Thunder In Rock" was easily the year's best tune on the radio waves. With the clever addition of a sax solo, "Thunder In Rock" is probably most synonymous with Fist's music, if any song is at all. However, other killer cuts included "Open The Gates", the title track and "Evil Cold". Backed by the album's success, the group took the show on the road again, this time playing outdoor festivals with the likes of Heart, Motor Head, Krokus, Scorpions and many more.
 The band took some time off following the tour's end in 1982 and didn't re-emerge until the IN THE RED album in '83.

FIST toured and then went back into the recording studio in 1985 to record the album DANGER ZONE which has the harnessed intensity of tracks like Muscle Gun.
  Ron Chenier decided to take time off in '86. The band got back  together in '91 for a series of dates on the Ontario circuit, which led to a full reunion and a new album in 1993 called REIGN OF  TERROR. Released on MaGaDa Records, Fist again had landed a deal with an independent label. A criss cross tour of the continent.
In 1995 FIST released a second album on Magada Records called  Loud Loud Loud. In 2008 Fist played a reunion concert in Ottawa Ontario Canada
In 2011 Ron Chenier went back into his private recording studio and recorded a new album called Bolted Door2012. The album was signed to Hellion Records in Germany. Fist was very well received at the 2012 Headbanger Open Air concert in  Germany also the new.  For the past 40 years, Fist has been truly a Canadian Classic Rock


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